Gemma Harvey, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Gemma Beesley: Owner 



Gemma's journey started after the birth of her second child. Primarily inspired by Hatha yoga she started broadening her knowledge of this with the British School Of Yoga, eventually completing her teacher training with BSY in 2010.

Since then Gemma has founded Midlands Yoga, teaching classes around Tamworth and surrounding areas since 2014 and is now the proud owner of the new Midlands Yoga studio.

Gemma is also an assessor for British School Of Yoga.


Lee Cantebury, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Lee Cantebury: Instructor



Lee’s yoga journey began over a decade ago, travelling throughout India. Where he visited a number of ashrams and retreats, aiming to evolve his practice.

Trained at Sampoorna yoga in Goa, Lee was taught in the Ashtanga branch of Hatha yoga.

He now teaches various, dynamic styles of class. Be it slow flow, hot, vinyasa flow or Power yoga.

He still travels East annually, to further educate himself and keep his life in balance.


Annette Bates: Instructor


When at 48 I decided I was going to ‘get into yoga’ little did I know that yoga was going to ‘get in me’!

Joining Midlands yoga as a student I became hooked and 12 months after my first visit I had booked myself on a 200 hour Hatha Yoga TTC in the holy city of Rishikesh India.

Since then I have completed a further 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga TTC at the Sanctuary in Costa Rica and have attended various short workshops including a Yin Yoga course with Norman Blair.

It is in Yoga Nidra that I am now developing a keen interest. Having completed the Yoga Nidra Teacher Facilitator course in 2017 I am now embarking on furthering my skills and knowledge in Yoga Nidra at the Satyananda School in London where I am taking part in their annual Yoga Nidra teachers course.  Always seeking, Always learning.

Pradipa Angela, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Lottie Dennis


I have always had a passion for strength, flexibility and fluidity. Having taught a wide range of fitness classes over the past 3 years, my passion has led me to explore movements that lengthen, strengthen and bend the body. Barre, Pilates & Yoga are my favourite classes to teach. I love the way they make me feel both physically and mentally. I offer gentle help and encouragement in my fun, friendly and relaxed class environment.




Pradipa Angela, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Jennie Carwardine


In 2016 I completed my 500 hour certification in Rishikesh, India, known as the yoga capital of the world and also the place where I embarked on this ongoing journey of self discovery. 

The practice of Yoga allows me to reconnect and ground myself in the here and now. 


My heartfelt classes aim to build awareness of who you are and what your body can do.




Pradipa Angela, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Claire McCann


Claire's  yoga journey started after a few years of working in a highly stressful and corporate role as a Fashion Designer. Wanting to introduce a calming factor into her daily life, she went along to her first yoga class and instantly fell in love with the grounding effect yoga had on her. After a few years of going to regular classes 3-4 times a week Claire decided she wanted to learn more, so enrolled herself onto a local Yoga Teacher Training course; she enjoyed learning more about the history, philosophy and spiritual side of yoga and started introducing this into her daily life. Towards the end of her yoga teacher training course she was made redundant so yoga became more than just a hobby. Claire teaches the style of yoga that she loves, a variety of flowing classes based in the heart of Vinyasa.




Fran Loretto


Hi, my name is Fran. I have spent all of my working life so far as a primary school teacher. I love working with children and I have three grown up children of my own. Having practiced yoga myself for several years, I realised how much difference yoga was making to my life and after attending a yoga retreat in Cyprus decided to see if I could share some of what I had learnt by getting my teaching qualification.

We can learn about ourselves, both physically and emotionally. Yoga is accessible to everyone; ‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga.’ I now balance my work between teaching yoga classes and working as a part-time supply teacher, so I get the best of both worlds!




Pradipa Angela, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Pradipa Angela: Instructor


Pradipa Angela has been practicing yoga for almost ten years.  In 2012 she decided to follow her passion to India where shecompleted her 200 hour teacher training.The course was run by Swami Govindananda, a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda who is credited with bringing the ancient science of Yoga to the West in the 1960’s.  She went on to teach in Thailand and returned to India the following year to live, study and work in a small ashram in rural southern India. Her classes are suitable for all levels including beginners, with an emphasis on breath and body awareness, bringing a meditative quality to the practice.




Elaine Horton, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Elaine Horton: Instructor



Elaine ‘found’ yoga in 1996 while living in the USA, first with the late Roberta Dale at Yoga Source in Darien, CT, and then discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga Shala in Georgetown, CT under the direction of Valerie Schneiderman. 

After much reflection and encouragement, she completed Hatha Yoga teacher training at Lotus Gardens Yoga in January 2009, and has taken many Astanga Yoga workshops and retreats since then. 

After returning to the UK permanently later in 2009, she began teaching and has never looked back!  


Megan Jones, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Megan Jones: Instructor



Megan has been practicing various styles of yoga for the past 5 years it wasn't until 2014 that she furthered her practice of yoga by embarking on a level 2 advanced course with Jivani yoga in Thailand, here is where her yoga story began. Megan brings authenticity, experience and passion to every class now teaching a variety of flow based classes on and off the mat.


Pradipa Angela, Midlands Yoga, Yoga Instructor, Yoga, tamworth, birmingham

Irina Billingham


My love for yoga started with reading about it and wondering how something so seemingly straight forward could have so far reaching effects. I just had to try it and I was immediately hooked! My teaching style has been developing over the years and I now teach a moderately challenging flow type yoga aimed at creating space in your body as well as giving you physical and mental balance and strength. I always finish with a guided relaxation and I suspect some of my students enjoy that bit the most! ;)