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We know how important physical and mental wellbeing is to us all especially in the weeks ahead, so we have taken on board your feedback and have kept our ONLINE classes which will run alongside our non-hot studio classes!

Please see our timetable and link to book through our MINDBODY app.

What you will need to attend these online classes*:

1. Sign up to the class as usual through the MINDBODY app.
2. Please pre book your class at least 15 minutes before the start time so we can email you the class link.
3. Unlimited MINDBODY passes will automatically be sent links for all classes.
4. 15 minutes before the class starts we will email the invite link to your email address stored in your MINDBODY account.
5. Mobile or tablet download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the app store
6. If on laptop/computer, click on the email invitation to join though the Zoom website
7. We recommend you join this generic meeting test well beforehand so you can download the software and get familiar with where the mute and video on/off buttons are
8. Your own mat/towel and props like blocks/hardback books, yoga strap/old tie/belt, blanket, cushion/bolster, rolled up towels or jumpers!
9. *Get in touch with us by email with any questions.


See the revised timetable and prices page to see our new classes with all your favourite teachers.

Enjoy this new way to do yoga, and remember to keep yourself safe during these next few weeks.

- What is the cost of Zoom? Free, you don't need an account to attend the class, and the basic account is also free.
- Can I use headphones? Sure, if you are wanting to keep noise down for people around you. The headphones would need to be wireless to be practical in this use case.
- How many people will there be in class? Probably a similar number to who are in your usual in-person class
- Can people see me on Zoom? Yes, if you share video (recommended) then other attendees will be able to see you, as with a normal Yoga class
- How long will you be pausing in-person Yoga and offering replacement online Yoga? For as long as the UK government guides/dictates avoiding non-essential social contact.
- Is it as good as in-person Yoga? You are doing the Yoga so as long as you are following the teacher then the Yoga is as good! Obviously it's not the same vibe/buzz as a normal Yoga class and you don't get to talk to your fellow Yogis. You also need to manage your own environment to be noise and distraction-free.
- If I have coronavirus can I attend the online class? Yes, you get to choose whether it supports your recovery from coronavirus. As usual, consult your GP or a specialist if you have any concerns.
- Is doing Yoga good to avoid getting coronavirus? Yes, one of the benefits (amongst many) of doing Yoga is reducing stress which in turn strengthens your immune system

Further technical advice:

- Zoom adjusts the video quality depending on how good your internet connection is. Test your internet connection via the device you intend to use by visiting on that device. Download and Upload speeds of above 2.0Mbps are recommended for the best experience. If your internet speed is less than 2.0 Mbps up and down then you could try to move closer to the Wi-Fi router, or connect an Ethernet cable between the router and your laptop. Also, minimising the use of the internet from any other devices that might be using it will increase the bandwidth available to you.

- You can always contact your internet provider to discuss how to get faster upload and download speeds if required

- We recommend you join this generic meeting test well beforehand so you can download the software and get familiar with where the mute and video on/off buttons are. If you don't have the required software you'll also be asked to download it at this point.

- You don't need a Zoom account to attend a meeting (just to run your own meetings), and if you did want a Zoom account then it's free!

- If Zoom is still not working for you then check you have the required system requirements here: or contact Zoom support:

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